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I am currently studying Web Science as an Undergraduate Degree at the University of Southampton, alongside a variety of other modules. I started this blog in an attempt to record all of my projects, notes etc etc so others can benefit from them (although I promise to occasionally post something more insightful!) Hope you find something at least vaguely interesting around here, feel free to comment, share or even talk about in the real world…just please don’t Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, no one likes those guys.

I am currently involved in a large number of projects in various roles. To avoid this blog sounding and looking like a CV, the best place to find out what I am involved in is examine my LinkedIn page. This documents everything I am involved in, with links to find out more about all of the projects. There is also links to all published material either individual or group, but if there is anything you can’t find please let me know.


Where to find me:

Twitter – @tomjdavidson



tSquared Site


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