Java Command Line User System Example

Hi! So this is the first code snippet I am uploading to the blog. Feel free to test, try or borrow the code (hopefully giving me credit 😉 ). I will upload more as I write it in the future, so I hope this helps some people. I am happy to help if you have any programming queries, so please just drop me line. (My experience is in VB.NET and Java, but I can try to help with anyother logical queries)


This program is a very simple command line Java program, that has 3 main classes and one toolbox class. It demonstrates simple object interaction, implementation of ArrayLists and a number of different iteration methods. NB: I attempted the new iterator API but not sure if I have implemented it correctly?!

I must also stress that the Toolbox is not by own creation, but has instead been put together by a team of Post Graduates here at the University of Southampton, to allow us Java novices to be able to use complex methods easily, and without stressing over how they work. I am really enjoying learning Java, although one of the most complicated aspects is wrapping your head around the principles of Object Orientated programming itself!

The Java Code

Code Zip File: Loops+ArrayCode

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