#FLSocialMedia Live-Streamed Panel Event

This is an article written for the University of Southampton Digital Champions Blog, detailing my experiences of helping out at what was a fantastic event!


Last week, myself and whole swathe of DigiChamps swung into action to support a unique live-stream as part of the MOOC, Power of Social Media. This event was a live-streamed, live-tweeted and live-blogged panel discussion that aimed to answer some questions raised by learners on the MOOC, and by those tweeting in. The event was streamed using both Periscope and by Panopto, to allow learners to watch the discussion in real time, and this attracted over 130 viewers. As well as answering the questions of the learners, the event was designed to showcase the potential of Social Media in supporting live-events, to show those on the MOOC another dimension of the capabilities of Social Media, by means of practical demonstration.

Returning to the discussion, the panel itself consisted of a number of experts on Social Media. The first was Dr Lisa Harris, who is the lead educator on the Future Learn course. Then, also from the Web Science Institute were Professor Leslie Carr and Dr David Millard. The panel was completed by Nic Fair and Sarah Hewitt, two Web Science PhD students (and Digichamps) with a keen interest in Social Media.

This esteemed panel answered a number of questions from the course, the audience and from Twitter. One of the first questions answered was whether Social Media was blurring the boundaries between personal and private, and the panel seemed to suggest that it was not just Social Media doing this, but the use of the Web as a whole. This was linked to another question about disadvantages in finding a job, and Dr David Millard noted the lack of guidelines for employers. Perhaps one of the most interesting questions posed, was “Which is your favourite Social Network any why?”. Appearing to debunk recent concern on behalf of it’s investors, all bar one of the panel said Twitter. The other, Dr David Millard, interpreted the definition of Social Network differently, and opted for Wikipedia. There were of course many more questions asked, and you can have a watch back of the recorded stream to view these.

As I pointed out earlier, the event was also intended to showcase the power of Social Media at live-events, and this is where the DigiChamps came in. We had Tim filming and facilitating the streaming process, Ashley taking some great pictures of the event and Alex and I live-tweeting. This worked really well, and we hope that it was clear those who watched it live, and those who are reading this now, the power that Social Media can have. We also would like to thank iSolutions, for their support in the live-streaming using Panopto.

Now, I’d like to sign post you to some of the media that came out of the event. Firstly, the recorded version of the discussion itself is available to view below from YouTube:

Their are some photos taken by Ashley are available on the DigiChamps Flickr Page:

And finally a Storify put together by Hannah, including the tweets from the day, is available to view here.

Many thanks for reading this post, and if you’re interested in learning more about what we do, or about the Social Media MOOC, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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