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Mental Health Workshop to Raise Awareness

So in a slightly random post, I just thought I’d share something that hopefully can be used for the greater good. Last year, Francesca Reed, Ella Monkcom, Jess Olive, Tom Rowledge (who I study with at Southampton) and I produced this hour-long mental health workshop around the theme of breaking the stigma of mental health. While nothing included is necessarily ground-breaking, we are really proud of what we achieved. The workshop has been performed at a special launch event, the Borough of Poole Annual Youth Conference, and in schools around the Poole area, all to great feedback. Now however, the 5 of us have gone our separate (or similar in terms of Tom and myself) ways, the workshop is collecting dust.


I therefore share the files below, in the hope that someone will be able to use it, or adapt it or simply just read it! We don’t mind, but we really feel that the mental health workshop can be helpful in explaining and di-stigmatsing mental health in the younger generation.


The Files for the Mental Health Workshop

The WorkshopFiles

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